Wednesday, October 8

Wednesday's Words of Wonder

When I should have been working, my mind was thinking of other things...

Running, one mile left, past the point of exhaustion, and a man with weights on his back sprints past me. Am I THAT out of shape? Or is he just a showoff

Changes in your ranks
#12 most desired (gained 2 places)
#13 most useful (lost 4 places)
#45 person with the prettiest eyes (lost 13 places)
Thank you facebook, and my many cyber friends for thinking SO highly of me and lowering my standings. Why in the world are people being compared on facebook? Who are these people who actually take time to compare their friends? And what do people do with this information anyway? Maybe I should start telling people, "According to facebook, I may have lost 4 places for being the most useful, and 13 places for having the prettiest eyes, but I've gained 2 places making me the 12th most desired." Will that entice someone to want to date/befriend me? I would sure hope so.

The restrooms in my building have signs in each stall that reads, "Please flush toilet. Repeat if necessary." Isn't that just common sense? Common courtesy?

Is it ironic, or just bad luck that the creepy man who stared at me on the bus the other day has been in the same metro car as me the past few days? Not just the same train, but the same car? Creepy!


AJ Candrian said...

HA HA! Repeat if necessary.

Joshua and Joy said...

I've never been on facebook, but that's interesting. Yeah! be 12th "most desired" ;) How do they pick that.