Thursday, October 9

Mmm Mmm I'm Lovin' It

Dear McDonalds,

I don't know the last time I was conned into eating your food. I'm thankful for that.

Please tell me how you've esteemed yourself to be sprawled across the entire world, clogging one artery at a time? I just don't understand?

In this time of financial crisis I wish you'd go bankrupt too. Only I wish the government would be wise enough to leave you ruined.

You don't deserve the worlds business. Perhaps if you were serving us real food, the kind that comes from animals and plants, I might think otherwise.

You tell me that you're dedicated to serving me the highest quality of foods. But alas, you've contaminated our food with chemicals, convincing us that it's Mmm Mmm good.

Where is the quality in that?

I see right through your cunning ways. I wont be fooled for one second.

We may have been friends when I was a child, but only because I didn't know any better.

Please tell me how you sleep at night, knowing this is what you're serving thousands of people on a daily basis?

You should be ashamed of yourself.


Baffled and dismayed


AJ Candrian said...

Mmmmm, I love their McGriddle breakfast sandwhiches. :)

Joshua and Joy said...

We go there sometimes because Kaden loves their playplace. They do sell salads, yogurt, and chicken snack wraps. (chicken, lettuce, cheese and ranch.) They're really yummy actually.

Lorena said...

wow, that 12 year old hamburger on that website is really quite astonishing! What DO they put in those things?

Carla and Matt said...

oh, i completely agree... especially when the entire world needs more nutrients and REAL food, but... i do love the $.99 sundaes. with nuts. delicious.

JD said...

why are you so angry, amy? should we talk through this?

Rob said...

And that is why I haven't had McDonalds in four years. If you stop eating fast food for more than a month, the next time you eat it, it will make you feel sick. Hmmm, I wonder why?