Friday, November 14


Look, I get it, you have a busy life? Me too. I get it. It’s convenient for you to talk on the phone while being chauffeured around. Makes sense. I get it. You don’t care what’s going on around you, you’re going to do your own thing. Slightly selfish, but I get it. I get all the reasons why you would talk on your phone, on the bus ride home, after a long day of working. Killing two birds with one stone, right? But isn’t it slightly awkward to be sitting in a silent bus, full of 30+ people, knowing that every single one of us can hear your every word? We don’t even have to pretend we’re not eavesdropping on your conversation with [sister], your words are crisp, clear, and perfectly loud enough to know why Mike and you are solely friends, although you may know his every detail, down to the tiniest of them all, about his life. Why you’re so mad at Mr. So and So for making you wear a long dress that nearly reaches the floor, because quite frankly you’re strapless knee length dress from prom is just so much better. Why you wished you didn’t have to go out tonight, because you just don’t feel like socializing. Why you’re so excited for the weekend because you can finally sleep in. Why this week has been so long even though you didn’t have to work on Tuesday. And why you’re so frustrated because can’t we just have world peace? I just love how public, public transportation really is, don’t you?


Lauren Kay said...

Amen sista! Amen! I love hearing snidbits of conversations. Sometimes they're way more interesting than what's going on in my own head!

Alicia said...

Hey Amy! I just emailed you then clicked something and found your blog : ) You are gogerous!! You look like you are doing great!!

Jill said...

Hey Amy!! I love your little story on the bus!! Poeple just don't get it!! I am so excited to see you guys at christmas!! Hope all is well!! Love ya, Jill