Saturday, January 17

Dear Life

Where have you gone? I've been missing you lately. And with each passing day, I long for your return. What happened to us? Did you decide to run away because there's something I must learn, and with you by my side the lesson can't be found? Well, patience and I are becoming quite the pair, but not in the same way that you and were. I'm better with you, I need you by my side. It's like the moment the sun went down, and the air became crisp, you vanished too. The cold breeze isn't doing much to warm my spirits these days, I can barely stand to take in what once used to be your fresh air, it's so cold and hard, and it hurts. But I know you'll return, and with you will come a brighter tomorrow.

My thoughts haven't been clear since you left. It's like we've become two separate worlds, and its left us galaxies apart. One day our worlds will collide again, and our impact will bring me the thing I've been missing. I wish I knew what that thing is, I hate surprises, but I don't. I know you know, and I know you're just teaching me a lesson, one that I must learn. Keeping that in the back of my mind makes things a little more bearable. But I'm getting lonely, and I wish you'd hurry up. Patience and I can only hold on for so long, I'm too weak without you. I never thought I'd confess that, but it's true. I'm stubborn you know? Of course you do. Maybe that's why you left in the first place? But here I am, confessing that things aren't the same with you gone. I'm anxiously awaiting your return. Don't be long. I miss you.

Until we meet again,
Scattered and confused


Candria said...

Hey Amy! I found your blog! Love it! You're so deep.... I hope you find what you're looking for...
Love, Candria

AJ Candrian said...

is this "deep thought" by Amy directed at God, or really to "life"?