Friday, January 16

The Unspoken Rules

The world is full of unspoken rules:
Never trust a man who wears a bow tie.
Don't wear clothes that are too small for you.
Always tell someone if they have food in their teeth.
Always put the toilet seat down when you're finished.
Never begin telling someone something, then quickly reply, "nevermind".
etc. etc. etc.
As I was riding the metro into work this morning my thoughts started running, then those thoughts caused even more thoughts, which then caused me to think to myself (I know, way too much thinking for one morning), is this really what I think about when I have nothing to think about? David O’McKay once said, “What you think about when you don't have to think, shows what you really are.” So, I must be a future philosopher in the making, right?
I'm adding my own unspoken rules to the worlds.
Unspoken rule number 1- No matter how long, short, tedious, or grandiose your week has been, it’s Friday, you must be happy.
Rule number 2- Red-heads should never wear pink, red, or orange. It doesn’t matter how red your hair is or how auburn it is, if you consider yourself a redhead, don’t wear ANY of these colors. You may think it looks fine on you, but I assure you, it does not.
I feel bad for people who don’t understand this concept, really I do. I saw a woman on the metro this morning who clearly had dyed her hair red. Error number one. Then, as a natural brunette, who I’m sure is used to wearing any color she wants, has a red sweater on. Error number two. If you want to dye your hair red, than you must also follow this unspoken rule. Otherwise, stick to being all natural.
Rule number 3- When standing on an escalator, in D.C., at the mall, or in the airport, the right side is always designated as the standing only side, not the left! I sure hope people abide by this rule come this crazy weekend in D.C

That's all for now...future unspoken rules to come.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that David O. McKay knows what he is talking about. Seems like you have put yourself into a huge hole.:)

Joy Candrian said...

I heard that red hair is the in color, you are so lucky your hair is so beautiful! I hope you'll inspire those red haired people to stop hurting my eyes by wearing colors that clash with their hair.

Taylor Family said...

Amy I could read things written by you all make me laugh:) I have to ditto the readhead comments!!! I need to put all that on my blog!!! I really try to stay away from the red, the orange won't ever be on me and the pink is on occasion..but its a really dark pink:) I hope with that said you will still accept me as a relative!!!!

Weston and Karen said...

Oh my goodness it is seriously a good thing I"m not a red-head. I love wearing pink way too much. I love reading your blog, it's so funny and always makes me think more about things. My thoughts are not nearly as creative as yours though!