Wednesday, February 25

The Bittersweet

I'm a pretty stubborn person, that's no shocker to anyone who really knows me. But am I really so stubborn that I've been blinded by the most shocking news ever?

Today while sitting in the doctor's office, I learned the most interesting thing about myself. After six plus years of being a workout addict (simply meaning I don't like missing a day, but not that I obsessed with being at the gym for hours on end, although, if I had hours on end (whatever that really means) I wouldn't complain) I've been working out wrong! Is that really possible? Of all people, I should not be the one that's told I've been working out wrong.

First of all, I studied health in school, and exercise/physical fitness/HEALTH knowledge was all involved!
Secondly, I'm a certified aerobics instructor, and clearly I had to learn the proper way to help others work out, meaning I should be following the same guidelines myself. On a side note, I got the highest score on the final examine in that class!
Third, I went to fat camp...enough said!
Fourth...well, there is no fourth, but come on, really? I've. Been. Working. Out. Wrong. For. Six. Years?!?!

I've tried to reason with myself how this is actually possible. Here are my conclusions:
  1. Only recently the way I work out has changed. So really it hasn't been SIX years, just one or two that I've been doing everything "wrong".
  2. This new doctor of mine is crazy and is just trying to make more money off of me by feeding me bogus lies.
  3. Health and health theories are continually being challenged, so in actuality no one really knows the real truth about health/fitness/exercise. What's good for you today is bad tomorrow.
  4. Since when did medical school have a course on personal training?
Although I'm questioning the doctor's diagnosis (what's new? I once told the doctor that, although my arm was fractured in three places, the need to put me in a cast that extended past my elbow was completely unnecessary), I actually think he may have some relevant truth to share with me. Stay tuned in to next weeks follow-up on what I've been doing wrong all these years. Four weeks before my half marathon, and I've been working out wrong! Lovely, just lovely! Let my errors be a lesson for us all.

Oh, and did I mention that what I thought was me running on a fractured foot (the actual reason for me going to the doctor in the first place), was just me running in the wrong shoes, wrong size, with the wrong support! Anything else I'm doing wrong any of you would like to inform me of?


JD said...

well, amy. where to start...

i do love this story, and the fact that you finally went to the doctor. seriously, you and i should have a stubborn-contest at some point.

Lauren Kay said...

What?? I can't wait to get the scoop on what you've been doing wrong. Maybe that's my problem... maybe if I worked out right I'd like it...

Laura said...

WoW! Who would have guessed?!?!

Carlita said...

what are you doing wrong?! because please tell me the hours i've put in running for our 1/2 isn't a complete loss?

oh brother...

that's why you never go to the doctor.

Brittany said...

Please let me know what this doctor says because I have a hard time believing that there is a wrong way to work out. I can believe that there is a wrong way to weight train, but exercise?