Monday, February 23

It must be Monday

Everything screamed Monday today.
I slept horrible yet couldn't wake up. I didn't shower. I ran around like a crazy women trying to leave the house. Work was work. Had good intentions of going on a nice but freezing run through the city as soon as 5 o' clock rolled around. And then it hit me...2 P.M., body started aching, head started pounding, stomach started gurgling, restroom breaks became more frequent, and I couldn't help but think "I just want to be ok today!"

I was slightly worried about the metro/bus ride home and contemplated taking a taxi. But of course, my inner self had to remind me of my famous words that I repeated over and over again in my yucky feeling head, I don't get sick!!! So I toughened up and metroed away. I ran through different scenarios of what I would do if the nasty happened while trapped on the metro with hundreds of strangers.
  • Would I just bend over and let it all come out, then quickly exit as soon as I got to the Pentagon? Leaving everyone behind in my lunch? Come on, this is DC, I'm more classy than that.
  • Would I open up my bag of running clothes, and later thank the creator of the washing machine for such a wonderful and ever needed appliance?
  • Or would I toughen up like I ought to and wait until I got home...only 20 more minutes, I was almost there! YES...toughen up future secret service agent/FBI investigator.
Timing for leaving work, to catching the metro, to switching lines, to getting on the bus, and arriving safely at home couldn't have been more impeccable. Whew, I made it...and I couldn't have been happier/miserable in all my life, can't you tell?

Sweatpants, two shirts and a sweatshirt, two blankets, slippers, my bed, a bottle of Gatorade, and a restroom just around the corner. I wouldn't say I'm "sick"...I'm just not feeling quite myself. Today was such a Monday. Please don't be on repeat tomorrow.


trentathon said...

that is a sad story. get better!

JD said...

oh amy...that picture says everything. hope you feel better.

Brittany said...

Ahh, Amers, I am so sorry! I hope you get better soon! I wish I was there to take care of you.

Lauren Kay said...

I hope you're feeling better! I hate being sick and I hate Mondays!

Carlita said...

Oh dear... at least you didn't have to go running! I hope you feel better today, b/c being sick is the worst. Especially when it is coming out both ends. My niece threw up all over my on Saturday night about 2 AM and it was awful. So at least you didn't throw up all over everyone on the metro.

Even though it would have made for quite a story. Embarrassing, but a story.

Rob said...

Ha Ha, you got sick!