Friday, February 6

View of the Inauguration

I wish I could take credit for putting this together. But I know nothing about video editing, so I shouldn't, but, I least partial! After all, I'm in numerous pictures, my shoulder served as makeshift tripod (keep in mind if/when the camera is shaking, it's not my doing), and I had to endure endless nights of hearing the same three minutes of Obama's speech and the lyrics to John Lennon's Imagine, over and over and over again. So, I deserve at least partial credit, right?

Courtesy of Andrea (and Amy) Candrian.


AJ Candrian said...

Maybe I'll give you a little bit of credit. Just a little though. And it was not "endless nights" of listening to Obama and John Lennon. It was just one or two. Please. :)

Carlita said...

10 MILES?! Way to freakin go girlfriend! That sounds absolutely exhausting. So your run is in March? I'm so excited to hear how it goes! Every time we reach a new length goal I just want to have a party because doesn't it just seem that important?

Also, that cute nephew of mine belongs to Casey, and he's the oldest grandchild.

AND I'm glad we made you drool with the donuts! I flippin love those blasted things!