Wednesday, March 11

Bring It On

In 10 days I'm about to do something I said I'd never do. I'm convinced that that has become a major trend in my life, doing things I either say I'll never do, or that I don't want to do.

I said I'd never go to BYU-Idaho, but somehow managed to spend two of my undergraduate years there.
Told myself I'd never purchase an American made car...I drive a Focus.
I said I'd never graduate from college...lo and behold, I have a diploma, with a BS in Health Science.
I said I'd never move to the east coast, "it's just not my style." I'm now a month and a half shy from having lived in DC for an entire year!
I said I'd never miss Utah...OK, so I miss PARTS of Utah!
Every day I say I don't want to go back to work...I rather be a beach bum. Yet sure enough, I find myself at my desk every morning with no beach in sight.
I said I'd never run a half marathon. Quite frankly I see no enjoyment in running 13.1 miles. Yet, in 10 days I'll be doing just that, running a half marathon.
I told myself I'd never be able to run 11 miles after work today. I ran 13. And it was purely unintentional.

Am I completely sore and feeling like an old lady right now? Yes and yes!
Gee, I can't wait for next Saturday.
Running a half marathon has never sounded so...blah would be the first word to describe it, followed by exciting, thrilling, brutal, painful, long, tedious, and fun all at once.

I guess the moral of the story is this: never believe me when I tell you I'll never do something. It appears that I'm pretty much a liar when it comes to, "I'll never" statements.


Lauren Kay said...

You should tell yourself that you can't do other things like: go to Europe or get married or live with Lauren or bungee jump or something else crazy and then it will happen too! Yay for you running. I think it's the lack of sugar that's making you sore though.;)

Weston and Karen said...

I seriously admire anybody who runs any type of marathon. That is so awesome you are doing one. I'm even afarid of 5k's even though I often run 3 miles at the gym. For some reason it scares me to death to run in an organized event. 3 miles is my limit though, anything longer and my body starts to shut down. Props to you for running 13 after work. I'm amazed.

JD said...

Excited for ya. Should I be coming to cheer you on or what?

Brittany said...

When did you say you'd never graduate from college? I hope you never really said that!

Carlita said...

i'm so excited for you! we run our 10 miles this saturday... i can't wait to hear how yours goes. good luck!

Joshua and Joy said...

Now running a marathon is something that I really never will do. But good for you!