Sunday, March 15


I just woke up from a much needed three hour nap. Now that church has been moved from 1 p.m. to 9 a.m., sleeping in on Sunday's is no longer an option. Instead, I get to enjoy the beauty of Sunday naps once again.

However, today's nap was anything but beautiful. A three hour nap can definitely be considered a beautiful thing, but the whole part about waking up from a treacherous dream...the second of it's kind, not so beautiful.

I'm worried these dreams are trying to speak to me, and steer me away from something awful that might ensue. That, or I'm over dramatic and am thinking WAY too much about this half marathon that's coming up on Saturday. Let's be honest, at this point, I just want it to be over.

Explaining dreams is usually a difficult task, since most details don't make sense to anyone but yourself. So, without going into too many confusing details about my first "nightmare", the take home message was this: Liz (who I'm running the marathon with) backed out, causing many more "over dramatic" actions to take place. I remember waking up from the dream with my heart pounding because I was so mad, it was all too real.

Today's nightmare concluded with me not getting to run the race because I didn't pick up my bib and race chip in time. After running around like a basket case, trying to find the mysterious room where I would check in and get my bib, (which, for a majority of the dream was impossible to find) I got there too late. I would be running no half marathon.

I woke up slightly relieved, slightly annoyed, and slightly scared out of my witts for Saturday's race. But in all honesty I'm starting to get more excited. A half marathon really isn't that bad...and hey, at least it's not a least not yet!


trentathon said...

A most true point. Half-marathons are the perfect racing distance for the ambitious type. Anything longer, like a full marathon, is just too painful. Anything shorter is too fast. Good luck!

Brittany said...

It's no fun when your dreams end up feeling all too real. Especially dreams about your family . . . especially when they end up doing things that seem so real you wake up in a panic and then start to cry. I think you know what dream I'm talking about and I will leave it at that.

Joy Candrian said...

The night before my 5k (a good enough distance for someone my age)I had a nightmare too. I had missed the start time but kept telling your Dad that it was okay, I would still run the race and finish but I had to run it with 5 rolls of architectural drawings.
In reality, I was early for the race and luckily, I didn't have to run with all those drawings. Dreams are crazy, it must be in the family genes.

Alicia said...

Dreams.. gotta love 'em!!

Joshua and Joy said...

Dreams are crazy things. I'm sure that every thing will be ok and that you'll even be early!