Thursday, May 28

Days 1-3

I'm no longer an international virgin...I mean, I've finally stepped foot outside of America, and I did it with a bang.

Tuesday: 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany
Followed by a 12 hour layover
Comprehension of spoken language, German: Not a lick.
High school German served no purpose...although, whenever a number was mentioned, my ears did perk up.
Let adventurous side kick in: I took the train into the city, acting like I knew exactly what to do.

And this is what I saw:

A tiny little German village
that lived up to my expectations of Germany

Frankfurt, a city that runs along this river,
With a park that was conducive to a fabulous,
but slightly chilly nap

Wednesday: 11 hour red-eye flight to Johannesburg, South Africa
Thursday: 40 minute flight to final destination, Gaborone, Botswana

Did I mention these flights were all taken in Business Class?
Where you have a lounge to hang out in before your flight,
with unlimited amounts of food and drink,
And given mixed/macadamia nuts, instead of measly little peanuts,
A hot towel to cleanes the skin,
And a chair that reclines into a bed...
nothing to be jealous of, I assure you.

If I was unsure about being outside of American earlier,
Landing in Gaborone was definitely a friendly reminded that,
"We're [or I'm] not in Kansas anymore."

Monkey's running across the grass in front of my hotel,
Goats walking up and down the sides of streets,
And plenty of people darting out into busy traffic like they actually live here and know what they're doing!

And now here I rest, in this fabulous city,
Where I'll be getting my bed turned down at night,
With a side of bottled water and ice,
and a chocolate for the pillow to top it off.

Business's a rough life.
(if I start complaining in a few weeks, just remind me of all of this, and the fact that I'm getting paid to be here...thanks!)

Don't be disappointed I don't have any pictures of Africa just yet...I'm here for another 29 days.


Rachel said...

ah! What an adventure! Document it well. It will be over SO soon!

Brittany said...

Amers, I can't wait to see pictures of Africa! And I love the "tiny little German village" that actually looks like a shopping center. :)

Carlita said...

oh amy, when you get back from this paradaisical imaginary trip... you'll have to take a real out of the country trip. delayed airlines riding in coach, sharing a room with strangers and worrying about bed bugs, sitting on a bus for 10 hours with one or two of the animals that are wandering outside your hotel sitting next to you.

You are making Africa sound far too nice :) Have a very fabulous time though!

Lauren Kay said...

OOh! How neat!! Amy I'm so jealous! I want to be out of the country now!! Miss you tons already!

Ruth J said...

Amy, Aunt Marlene's Grandson Kyle is serving a mission in Germany right now. Did you run into any missionaries that looked like a Thatcher cousin?

JD said...

yay for you making it to africa fine. sounds like you have a knack for playing the "tourist that knows what they're doing" role. should come in handy.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your trip so far. The office is no fun without you! Hope you this optimism throughout June.

~The Stevens Family~ said...


Lee Ryan said...

Sounds like an Awesome trip!!

Clayton and Camea said...

very cool!

Rob said...

Can't wait to hear about your adventures!