Sunday, May 31

Days 4-6

I've survived my first weekend in first four days to be precise. People keep asking if I've seen giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions, etc. walking around the streets. For the sake of disappointment, I'm going to start answering YES, and will then continue to tell you all how AWESOME it is. It's like I live in a zoo, minus being fenced in. Just imagine that for a second, and tell me how AWESOME it is!? In reality, monkey's, peacocks, goats, and hundreds of birds are the only thing my eyes have laid sight on. Maybe if I were in northern Botswana, or further out of the city I'd have more exciting stories to tell about the animals that roam freely, threatening us humans. But for now, those stories that I hope to one day tell, will remain stories of my imagination.

Whenever I think of Africa, I think of things like this:

This weekend, that is exactly what I saw. My co-worker and I may or may not have "snuck" in to the cultural festival to watch some of this:

Hey, tickets sold out three weeks ago, we had no other choice. Don't act like you wouldn't have done the same thing.

It's a good thing we did too, it meant we got to hang out with them:

Cutest little boys ever! I'm sure their Mom's appreciated us being there, we were basically their babysitters for the entire six hours. I'm almost positive he's the first boy whose ever cried when I said goodbye. He may only be three years old, but at least it was endearing.

I got to experience eating some of this:

Yes, that would in fact be caterpillar I'm about to put in my mouth. My mother taught me well with being adventurous in what I try...I consider caterpillar adventurous enough, for the time being anyway. Maybe chicken feet will be next, apparently that's a big thing over here. Yummy, right?

We got to watch more of this:

And some of this:

If I didn't entirely feel like I was in Africa before, with the nice hotel, turning of my bed covers every night, and a chocolate placed nicely on my pillow, this definitely solidified the fact that I'm really here.

My Sunday consisted of me getting a wake up call at 8:37 a.m.. I was supposed to meet a guy who was taking me to church at 8:30 in the lobby. Guess who slept through her alarm? Guess who also NEVER sleeps through her alarm? Guess who made his ENTIRE family late to church today? BUT guess who got ready in 6 minutes? I'm blaming it all on the jet lag. I felt so awful, but they were nice enough not to mind...too much anyway. The Bishop may have mentioned at the pulpit that the members need to do a better job at being on time to church...I sunk down in my seat a little bit, feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed for making a family of six late, because I couldn't wake up on time. Apparently last week 70 people walked in late...looks like they're true Mormon's. Hopefully next week will be better.

Let my first real week in Botswana begin.


Lauren Kay said...

Caterpillar! I'm so proud. That makes me sound like I eat caterpillar all the time. I don't. In fact, I've never even come close to trying it, it just makes me really happy when people try new food instead of turning their noses up at it! So good job to you! I bet you were proud of yourself. I love hearing about your trip!

AJ Candrian said...

AWESOME!!!! Cute little kids! I bet they LOVED your red hair! :) Did you tell them it's natural? I miss you!

Joy Candrian said...

I want more Botswana posts. That was interesting. We'll daily chat during my lunch...about 8:30 p.m. your time. xoxox

JD said...

looks like you're having fun! keep giving us the updates.

Stephy said...

that looks amazing. Caterpillar on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes?