Sunday, May 10

Joy to the World, Mom to Me

Happy Mother's Day to this fabulous lady!

She's the most fabulous, amazing, talented, beautiful, and crazy (in a good way) mother, anyone could ever ask for.

I hate not having her closer by, and she hates thinking I'm growing up!

She goes above and beyond any expectations you'd have for a mother...when the day comes, my kids will rather hang out with her than me.

She's known for making amazing sandcastles,

But her most well known attribute is being the mother to these wonderful children!

I love you, Mom, Happy Mother's Day!!!

Your favorite daughter


Clayton and Camea said...

Aunt Joy DOES make the best sandcastles! She's a great Aunt too.

Joy Candrian said...

Thank you Amy, yes, you just made me cry. I love you with all my heart!

Candria said...

Tender post Amy! We love Aunt Joy too!

JD said...

yay for mothers!