Friday, June 5

Day 11

In order to make my future correspondence with all of you {whomever all of you are} more visibly appealing, allow me to e-introduce you to, Ebani and Ivin, my too unasked for best friends for the next 9 days:

They may look cute. Sweet. Innocent. Obedient. Calm. Gentle. And polite. But I assure you, they are rambunctious. Loud. Hyper. Spoiled. And everywhere I seem to go, they're right behind me. Literally. I'm sitting at the computer, and where are they? Comfortably resting on the chair, RIGHT behind me.

Some people are more into their animals than others...

Yes, you're seeing that correctly. Dogs are in fact, lining their toilet paper. Who doesn't like using dogs to wipe their tush?

If only this was alive, I'd have quite the stories to tell:

I bet he'd be more exciting to play with too.

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Joy Candrian said...

Dogs...good luck taking care of them. I'm glad I had children instead of dogs in my house!