Sunday, June 21

Days 24-27

I ventured out into another country this weekend, and fell in love with South Africa. The diversity you find in Africa is like none other that I've ever seen. One second you're in a poverty stricken area, where people are living without electricity and running water, and the next thing you know you're looking at mansions. I'm not going to act like I understand how things work in Africa, but I will acknowledge the fact that it feels good knowing I work for the U.S. government who is doing it's best to help out people who are less fortunate than wise anyway.

Highlights of this weekend:
  • Having a complete stranger give me a tour of Johannesburg
  • Someone following me asking for money, me telling him no, to which he tells me he loves me
  • Eating cow intestine and trachea (sure didn't know that's what it was at the time)
  • Being humbled by those living in tin cans...literally
  • Giraffe foreplay
  • Seeing zebras...FINALLY
  • Learning that when I want to see a hippo, I need to specify if I want to see it dead or alive?
  • and of course, seeing the lion
  • Megan getting proposed to! He was willing to pay 10 cows for her...I think she's worth at least 12
  • Eating ostrich
  • Seeing the most defined abs I've ever seen in my entire life
  • Watching woman dance topless (tribal dancing) and feeling extremely awkward
  • Megan and I driving down the streets, in AFRICA!!!
  • Being able to run red lights if/when we felt "in danger"
Soweto, one of the poorest townships of Johannesburg:

Eating a traditional African meal...meaning cow intestine and trachea...yummy!


The poor dead hippo...probably not too dangerous, right?

{if you look closely at the middle picture, you can see the lion in the left corner}

I'll never look like an African, even with my face painted, but I can at least try:

Man with amazingly defined abs:

For your viewing pleasure


African Cultural Performance:

I love good weekends...especially in Africa!


Lauren Kay said...

I like your painted face. Well, I like your face unpainted too. And I loved the video of the performance. So cool. Oh and ps: are you coming home Friday? I can't wait to hear your voice again.

Brittany said...

That township in Africa is how I pictured Africa looking. I'm glad to know it's not that way everywhere, but still sad to know it's that way somewhere. What a way to live. I guess it sure makes you grateful for what you have -- we Americans really are spoiled.

AJ Candrian said...

You look like mom in that picture of you with face paint. :)