Wednesday, July 29

So Long, Farewell

Auf wiedersehen, adieu, to my favorite brother and sister in-law.
Let's get sentimental for a few minutes.
This week has been semi-emotional for me, and yes, it's only Wednesday.
For the past year I've been living in Washington, DC, I've been pretty blessed
To have all of my siblings close by.
With Andrea and I living together,
Rob and Lorena 20 minutes away,
And Brittany and Brian an hour and a half south of us,
I've been one lucky girl.

As the youngest of four, I've often felt like the only child,
Since everyone left home while I was still in junior high.
Luckily, I landed an internship in DC last year,
And could come out to the east coast to
Hang out with my siblings for one last
Hurrah, before we all really have to grow up
And go our separate ways once again.

Well, the time has come,
And Rob and Lorena have left the east coast
To live in Sweden for the next three years.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it.
In fact, I didn't expect to be this sad to say

Rob cried the day I was born.
He wanted a baby brother, not another little sister.
I think I pleased him with the way I turned out.
Not that I turned out to be a boy, that would be trouble.
But I was the sibling that Rob could turn to when he wanted someone to
Beat up. I was tough. I could handle it.

Rob may have cried the day I was born.
So, I just returned the tears the day he and Lorena left.
That's what little sisters are for, right?

My brother and I have a special bond.
I think it's because we have a lot more in common that he expected
He'd have with a little sister.
I'm going to miss having him and Lorena around,
But I'm excited for the adventures they have
Ahead of them.

The next time I see these two, they'll be the proud parents
Of Biggie Smalls (a.k.a. Michael Robert Candrian).
I can't wait to see my big brother as a Dad.
I can't wait to see his sentimental side emerge
As he cradles an infant in his arms.
And quite frankly, it hasn't even been 24 hours since I last saw them,
But I can't wait to get to hang out with them once again.
I'd love when my brother would call me up on a Friday night to go to dinner,
just he and I.
I'd gladly drop any plans I had with friends
To get to hang out with him.
And it's sad that I won't have him as an excuse anymore.

I love you guys, and I miss you like crazy already!
They've been my DC experience,
And it's not going to be the same without them.

Our lives will never be the same from this point on,
But I'm confident that no matter where in the world
Each of my family members ends up,
We'll always remain a close knit family.
Because lets face it, we're all pretty dang cool!


Joy Candrian said...

Great, that made me get tears in my eyes again!

AJ Candrian said...

That made me teary eyed. What an emotional week!

Carlita said...

i think it's so great you guys have been close... but hello! you can go visit them in Sweden! Perfect :)

and nieces/nephews are the best. hands down. so so fun for your whole family.

and we foolishly signed up for another half.. but training has been super sporadic b/c of our house, but we're doing it anyway! i'm still trying to work out the stomach kinks...but hopefully it'll go well! only 3 more weeks and we'll know.

Erin S said...

Oh SAD! I love your family, you guys are the best! I miss all of you!!!

Taylor Family said...

Thanks Amy, I too got all teary reading that:) You guys really are such a cute family!!! Like I told your mom, you guys will have no problem finding ways to stay in touch!!! Before you no it you will be off to africa again:) It will be fun to see you again in a few weeks:)

Brittany said...

Nice post, Amers, but I'm trying to figure out what it is that you and Rob have in common? :)

Lorena said...

hey mays, sorry it took so long to read this but we *just* got the internet today.
you are right, rob is great and i would say sorry for stealing him away, but we all know that i am just an innocent bystander in this whole moving abroad thing (although so far i am loving it). we miss you too and are eagerly looking forward to your visit.