Friday, July 31

Friday at the Market

Three weeks ago, something that involves six dollars and a bucket was discovered.

Take this bucket...

And six of these...

And the end result is a whole lot of this...

Sugar, corn oil, and kernels.
and a whole lot of goodness.
Is it unhealthy? Of course.
But does it taste divine? Absolutely.
Three weeks in a row and counting.
I love forming new traditions.
I love the Farmers Market on Fridays.
And I love co-workers who encourage my newly discovered addictions.
Hopefully this week the bucket doesn't hit empty by Saturday.


Brittany said...

You actually bought that and are eating all of it in one week? That makes me cringe.

Alicia said...

you are so funny : ) i hate popcorn but i love carmel corn!!! i'd buy it 2