Friday, August 14

Crystal Clear

Certain things in life are ever so apparent,
second guessing yourself is entirely unnecessary.
Take dry weather and humid weather.
No questioning is needed, it's ever so apparent.
West coast living and east coast living. Basically two entirely different worlds.
Even Northern California and 'So. Cal', as they like to say,
May be the same state, but definitely aren't the same place.
Being in America versus living in a foreign country.
We Americans are so spoiled.
West coast Mexican food (the good stuff), or east coast Mexican food.
I know, it baffles me too that the east coast struggles with this cuisine.
Public transportation or driving yourself. If that's not blatantly obvious!
Not that I need to compare the two, but I give driving myself a 10
And public transportation a two, maybe a three if I'm feeling generous.
So, today when I accidentally got on the Green line train,
Lets just say, I knew I wasn't headed for home.

{I apologize if you don't live in DC and don't understand this realization.
But trust me, when I asked my friend, with hesitation in my voice,
"Are we sure this is the yellow line?"
Second guessing ourselves was entirely unnecessary.}

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