Monday, August 17

Mother's Know Best

Monday: generally the most dreaded day of the week since entering real world/work life. In college, I loved Monday’s. I loved going back to campus, seeing thousands of students, and secrets out, I generally loved sitting in class and learning, I just hated the tests portion of college.

Back to real life: I dread Monday’s. I don’t look forward to having zero free time between 8 am-5pm (although, as of late, those eight hours have been nothing but free time for front of a computer screen anyway), which is generally very boring. I don’t look forward to being a prisoner on the 5th floor of the RRB.

Today: Bad mood and grumpy.

Solution: My dear mother, aware of said mood, told me to listen to this. Although cheesy at times, it's not surprising at all that something so simple could be just what I was needing to hear. Cheesy EFY songs, past BYU Devotionals, General Conference talks, round table discussions. The gospel is powerful!

Now: I still don’t love today, but at least my attitude has improved.

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Joy Candrian said...

Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed it...I discovered this on Friday & it totally helped my dull work day.