Friday, August 14

Identity Crisis

Not by myself, but by individuals encompassing the metropolitan region.
A city I once thought was classy is starting to prove me wrong.
A world where people go to the extreme just to be different.
Why can’t we all just be the loosest sense even?
Maybe I just don’t understand because my normality isn’t loose enough?
Perhaps I’m too critical and like finding reason to be an arbitrator.
Or, perhaps the real reason is, people are just weird, simple as that.
At least her hair matches her shirt.
If that’s a fashion statement, maybe I should wear red more often.
Although, that's much more than a fashion statement.
It's a fashion error.
My fashion statement is wearing shorts to work.
So maybe that’s where I’m weird?


Joy Candrian said...

True the hair does match the shirt...but seriously, what was she thinking! What creature on this earth really has purple hair?

Brittany said...

Yikes -- not cool! And please, do not wear red! I would cringe.