Wednesday, August 5


Ever since last Saturday when Andrea and I spent the entire day shopping, only to return home with a car too full to fit all of our stuff, we made a bet with each other to see who could go the longest without spending any money.

While the bet is still going on, I'd like to think I won.
Today she broke down and bought salsa, claiming it's for
her co-workers birthday party tomorrow,
and I broke down and went sailing.

My disclaimer is that I was told it would be free,
and I didn't actually pay for it.
I also didn't have my wallet on me,
which makes not spending money really easy.

$ way, sailing down the Potomac River was worth every cent,
or lack there of.

Sailing, it's a dream come true...literally!


Taylor Family said...

I like that theory Amy, If I just didn't take my wallet with me when I went to the store I couldn't buy anything!!!! We will see how long that lasts:)

Brittany said...

I want to go sailing! How did you hook that up?

Joy Candrian said...

So fun, your Grandpa Candrian use to race sail boats so it's in your blood. You need to be good friends with that sailor!

JD said...

you don't look too happy about whatever about whatever you're carrying in that first picture.