Tuesday, September 29

One Year Older...We'll See About Wiser Too

Awhile back, this thought came to my mind, why do we make new years resolutions at the beginning of the new year, and not at the beginning of OUR new year? When the new year approaches it's just another month. Every January 1st, we begin a new year, a new month, and to some, a new approach to life. I'm in favor of new years resolutions and goal making for that matter, but why not make these new years resolutions when it's actually a new year for us, on our birthday? It just makes more sense to me.

I want to accomplish...during my 24th year, I'd like to go see...when I'm 25, I want to be here...when I'm 30, etc.
Having new years resolutions for our actual new year of life, well, it just makes sense to me. So, in honor of my 24th year that begins at at approximately 7:15 pm tomorrow night, here is my list of 24 new years resolutions.
  1. Limit the number of times I trip up or down the stairs, especially when in the public eye
  2. Truthfully tell someone, "I'm going to Paris for the weekend"
  3. Start preparing for grad school...mentally anyway
  4. Babysit for my nephew in Sweden (that's right Rob and Lorena, I'm offering, so take me up on it)
  5. Monthly trips to Richmond to visit my future nephew...and my sister of course
  6. Start having more early mornings, and not so many late nights
  7. Go back to fat camp
  8. Do a triathlon
  9. Run another half marathon
  10. Reattempt my month on, month off of sweets (or at least outdo my 5 month attempt from last year)
  11. Go scuba diving in Hawaii
  12. More early morning scripture studies, less late night scripture studies (see #6)
  13. Read at least one new book every month
  14. Do I dare say, create a budget for myself?
  15. Find more service oriented projects to work on
  16. Monthly temple attendance (endowment preparation for next year's birthday)
  17. Work on perfecting my, "come what may and love it" attitude
  18. Visit beautiful beaches in Zanzibar during the month of, hmm, let's say November
  19. Find a job that makes me happy
  20. Less procrastination, more motivation
  21. Alter my occasional, "the grass is greener on the other side" attitude
  22. Be less selfish
  23. Weekly journal entries
  24. Whatever I do, have no regrets

Bring on the new year, 24, I'm ready for you!


Lauren Kay said...

Those are really great goals. I might just have to put some of them on my list too. Although I highly doubt Zanzibar and babysitting a nephew are possible, and the nephew one BETTER NOT happen!

Karen said...

Happy birthday! Those are some lofty goals. They would be for me anyways. Running a triathalon and marathon? I can only admire people that have those items on their to do list. And you're only 24? You're such a youngin.

Erin S said...

Happy Birthday! Did you really go to fat camp???

Joy Candrian said...

Yes Amy you should clarify #7...work at a fat camp again. Enjoy your birthday and don't forget to read my blog entry...xoxo

AJ Candrian said...

Good luck with #14. :) I'll be watching.

Brittany said...

Two things.

1) You can casually mention that you're going to Tanzania for the weekend. That actually sounds more impressive than Paris (come on, everyone does Paris).

2) Sad that I have to have a baby for you to come see me once a month. Really sad. I wish you would come just to see me. I love you anyway.

Carlita said...

happppy birrrthday!!

i love bdays. hope you get lots of presents and love :)