Wednesday, September 23

To my Pops

Happy Birthday to my old man!
He's sure one lucky guy during his birthday month.
24 years ago he got me:
24 years later he got him:

And really, you just can't ask for a better birthday present than a perfect daughter and an adorable grandson.
I just love this guy!!!
He's simply the greatest.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
I'm sad I can't be home to celebrate with him,
But luckily I'll be home next week,
Almost in time to celebrate mine with him instead.
Your little girl


AJ Candrian said...

Actually... I did think of a better birthday gift (just a few months past September, that's all) TWO perfect daughters. :) Everything comes better in pairs.

Amy C said...

You were his Valentines Day present, duh! :) I was the birthday present. Don't try to steal my thunder, it's not going to work.

Joy Candrian said...

Oh, so sweet!