Thursday, October 29

Stay Put

Remember last year, when a past incident came back to haunt me,
leaving me with this awesome smile for a few hours?

And remember how it wasn't all that funny at the time,
but it's semi-hilarious now?
Yeah, I remember too.

Let's hope it doesn't happen again this year.
Because with my luck,
and my intuition that keeps worrying me,
it will fall out while I'm here in Africa,
and that has great potential to be semi-mortifying.


Brittany said...

Weren't you just telling me that I worry too much?

I wonder what kind of dentists they have in Africa.

Colie said...

Just replace it with a crocodile tooth. No big whoop!

AJ Candrian said...

If you were missing a tooth, you'd probably fit in just fine, right? I can't imagine their dental care is awesome. But what do I know.

JD said...

Ah yes. I remember IMing with you immediately after this happened. The one and only time I'd seen you in panic mode.

Joy Candrian said...

Okay, is your tooth bothering you or what, now you'll have me worring.