Friday, October 30

Where in the World is She

Just a little continent hopping at the moment. 
Makes life exciting. No dull moments here. 
One day I'll be dull and boring. But not today. 
Because today, I'm embracing moments like this:
Where I get to lounge by the pool side, and stare out to the indian ocean.
Makes rewinding, after a long four hour work day,
So much more enjoyable.

I wish the view from my hotel window looked out to this,

Instead, my view depicts something similar to this

Which allows me to watch massai warrior open the gate 
to only those he deems eligible 
to enter the grounds of 

From a winteresque fall in Sweden, 
to a prolonged summer for me here in Tanzania 
Happy Hallows Eve to all!
{A maasaii warrior would make a great halloween costume.
You're welcome for the idea!}


Joy Candrian said...

Still palm trees and the warmth of the sun...sounds better than snow. Make sure you obey that guard.

AJ Candrian said...


Taylor Family said...

Ummm so can I have your job just for one day!!! We can trade I promise you would love mine better:) So jealous!!!!

Brittany said...

See, your job isn't so bad.