Monday, October 5

And She's Back Again

Another great weekend has come and gone, leaving fresh memories dancing in my mind. Why does time have to slip through our fingers so quickly, before we can stop the seconds from ticking away? If only I could have a few more hours, a few more minutes, a few more seconds added to my days, then I feel like I could hold on just a little bit longer. But I know, no matter how much time would be added to my days, they'd quickly slip away just the same. One day time will be unmeasurable, but until then, I'm going to embrace the precious 24 hours that I'm given each new day. This past weekend, I embraced more than 24 hours, I embraced the 72 precious hours spent in my beloved home state of Utah. While I do love Utah, and miss certain components of the place I've called home for so many years, it's always nice for just a visit, and then I must turn my back and walk away, until I find another excuse to march right back.

The excuses for this weekends visit...
BYU Football
and General Conference

And really, I don't think excuses get much better than that. This weekend held no expectations for me, but I must say, expectations or not, I walked away with a smile beaming on my face, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love when the unexpected happens. I love when things unfold into a better story than my storytelling mind could muster up. And I love when pleasant surprises appear. So, here's to a good weekend that's come and gone, leaving fresh memories dancing in my mind.

A little afternoon snack, courtesy of J-Dawgs

BYU football, LaVell Edwards Stadium, Cosmo, and Friends, more than enough to make me happy

General Conference, enlightening my weekend

Fall adorning the canyon during our Saturday afternoon drive to Silver Fork Lodge
Notice the white blanket lining the mountains back, winter is ready for Utah


Lindsay Johnson said...

All I can say is... Rob Kitz and Erin Barker but not me??

I'm angry.* You're pulling a Liz on me, except you don't have the good excuse of spending all your time with family. :)

*but not really cause i totally forgot you were going to call me until saturday night

Lauren Kay said...

I liked this post. I liked the writing in it. And, I really wish you had pictures of EVERY person you saw this weekend... I'm glad you're back I missed you!

Joy Candrian said...

Personally, I like Amy time at home! I love the time with Colie too! Love being told about plan A & Plan B...Plus I love the fall photos. I think you better e-mail me the one in the middle.

Colie said...

Those car shots actually turned out! Such a pretty canyon. Thanks for adopting me into the Candrian family. Want to come back out next weekend? I miss you!