Monday, October 5


I've become a bit obsessive with my traveling again. Remember this? When I couldn't seem to sit still for more than four days at a time. Well, I may be sitting still for longer than four days this time, but my traveling has taken off in full swing once again.

September 4-6th: Dallas, Texas
September 6-7th: Lake Anna, Spotsylvania Virginia
September 19th: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
October 1st-5th: Provo, Sandy, Salt Like City, Utah
October 9-12th: New York City, New York
October 16-26th: Stockholm, Sweden
October 26th-December 4th: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
And then comes Christmas and New Years, and I'm sure I'll have a trip planned for then too

And I complain I have a hard life...traveling, it's a tough job!


Joy Candrian said...

I'm looking forward to spending Oct. 17 - 26th with you! See you soon.

Franco Amadori said...

Why isn't hawaii included on this trip?