Monday, October 19


Some babies sleep a lot. Some eat a lot. Some surprise you and rarely make a sound.
And others like to make funny faces 60% of the time.
Michael falls under the "others" category.

His skills at work.
Michael's already figured out the face he'll need to make to get
Mom and Dad to give him whatever he wants.
I think he'll be using this face in his favor...a beware.

Although he's a baby, and technically allowed to cry more than the average human being,
the trick to instantly make him stop has already been discovered,
And it doesn't require food.
It simply requires him being bundled up, laid in the stroller,
And taken on a walk.
Then, he's out like a baby (pun intended).

Of course my Mom had a heyday with the picture taking.
But with the scenery here, I don't blame her.

The happy Grandparent's, with their sleepy grandson.

Mission accomplished!


Brittany said...

Several comments:

1) In that first photo little Michael looks like a little old man -- a cute one.

2) What in the world is that cover over his stroller? Can he breathe in there?

3) Do they have one of those swinging/vibrating chairs? Wouldn't that be easier than having to take him on a walk?

4) He's really cute and I am sooo sad I'm not there with all of you!

Colie said...

Hottest aunt ever. I've given my title up to you! Sweden is GORGEOUS but nothing beats the little Michael - faces and all!

Carlita said...

he's so cute! i love how all boy babies look like an old man at the same time as looking like a baby. i got 2 new nephews last week, and one more coming in 3 months! nothing beats being an aunt... congrats to the new parents & grandparents as well!

and visiting the new babe is an excellent reason to go to sweden!

AJ Candrian said...

Oh my heck... I LOVE that first picture of him! He is so stinkin cute! Also, I am pretty bummed I'm not there right now and instead at work. So overrated. One day soon! Sweden looks SO pretty!

Candria said...

Michael is so STINKIN' cute! Love the pictures of him with your dad....

Erin S said...

He is so CUTE! I wish I had a cool sibling that lived in Sweden so I could become a world traveler and go visit. Sigh.

Joshua and Joy said...

Amazing pictures! It does look gorgoeus there. Handsome little baby too!