Tuesday, October 20

57 Vs. 24

My Dad and I just got back from, what runners would deem, an intermediate trail run, full of hills, mud, and soggy ground, through some of Sweden's finest.

My Dad plopped down after the run, breathed a sigh of relief, turned to my Mom and said,  "Your daughter wore me out." A few minutes later he turned to me and said the same thing, "You wore me out." I quickly replied, "Those hills where tough, but I think you wore me out Dad", even though I was feeling pretty great about finally semi-outdoing my Dad, who will always beat me in any race, and can almost always outlast my endurance level.

And then he responded with the following, "Try being 57."

He can always one up me.   

1 comment:

Joshua and Joy said...

Yep, luckily I don't have to try being 57 for awhile.