Wednesday, October 21

"Music" to the Ears

A typical day in the Candrian household may resemble the following:

I know, you're jealous, I would be too.
Poor little Michael, he has such a tough life already.


Brittany said...

Oh man. Dad is so cute with him. I cannot believe he cries that much all of the dang time.

Random comment . . . seeing him with pants on reminds me that I don't think we have many pairs of pants for our kid. I should probably go buy some.

Erin S said...

Your dad is such a cute grandpa! Braden heard Michael crying and came running in the office saying "Bee-bee craaaa! Bee-bee craaa!" He was so concerned about it!

AJ Candrian said...

Oh, dad is so cute with him! I am in awe/weirded out that he is a grandpa! Thanks for posting the video Amers... post more!

Candria said...

How is it possible to sound so sad, but so cute at the same time? That is a cute cry compared to some that I've heard.