Wednesday, November 4

A Sneak Peak at Heaven Part 1

The simple things in life that make me smile, 
and being at the beach is one of them. 

This was last weekends beach trip, 
they say this weekends will only be better,
Stay tuned...

One of the boats we had to take 

To get here

Fresh fish and chips anyone?
{My bad attempt at making a fish face}



Brittany said...

Umm, I'm sorry, are you in paradise? Good grief, I want some of that!

AJ Candrian said...

It's cold here. You are not living a normal person's life in November. I miss Florida this time of year.

Taylor Family said...

Yes agreed with are NOT living a normal persons life!!! What the heck are you doing??? I would love to be living the life you are living right now:) Stop posting these beautiful pictures its killing me:) No I will just dream a little dream every time I pull up your blog!!!

JD said...

i'm debating which i'm more jealous of...the fish & chips or the beach

Erin said...

How is this work? :)

Colie said...

That fish looks scrumptious! Good ol' African cooking!