Sunday, November 8

A Sneak Peak at Heaven Part 2

My co-worker {female} and I just enjoyed what some may deem, a romantic getaway.
Minus the men.
So, the romanticism wasn't entirely there, but we envisioned it anyway.
Maybe some day...

Candlelit dinner on the beach. Sipping fresh squeezed mango juice. A stroll through the markets of Stonetown. Canopy styled beds. "His" and "Her" bathrooms. Cottage house. Being pampered at the spa. Swimming in the Indian Ocean. Sunrise walk on the beach. Dhow sailing through the water. Ocean breeze in my hair. Snorkeling. Deluxe breakfasts. All the fresh fruit you can imagine. The sounds of the ocean to lull me to sleep at night. Basking in the sun. Soaking up God's handiwork. Whatever I did to deserve such bliss, beauty, and a good life, I hope I keep it up. Weekends like this need to happen more often.
With or without the men...


Meet me at the beach from now until forever, please!


brook said...

looks INCRED!!! i am so jealous of your galavanting.

Joy Candrian said...

Hum, I think I may have to paint the last photo or maybe the second to the last one. What a BEAUTIFUL world which was created for us to enjoy.

JD said...


I would say you are proficient at what I will now term "wound salt-throwing." Thanks for rubbing it in.