Tuesday, November 17


I wish we used military time - then I wouldn't have to quickly do the math when someone shouts from across the room, "It's at 15 hundred". Got it, 3 o' clock, right? Well, that's easy. What about 21 hundred? See, then it gets more complicated. And yes, I have to use my fingers.  

I wish we used the metric system. 
Then I'd understand when someone says it's 27 degrees outside, 
what that actually means. 
Then, when I'd ask someone how much farther to go, 
and they respond with "90 kilometers",
 I'd know that it meant another hour. 
Then, when I ever so proudly ran 3.5 kilometers in 20 minutes, 
I would have known that it didn't actually mean 3.5 miles.
 I'm a genius, not super fast!
Then, when I'm using a 5 kilogram weight, 
I would know I've been lifting 11 pounds. 
Boy, I must be so strong! 
The metric system, it seriously throws me off. 
If listening to people speak kiswahili wasn't enough to confuse me, 
try adding in numbers whose meanings are not what I've always known. 

Did you know we (as in America) are only one of three countries who think we're too cool for school?
Come on America, let's be like everyone else for a change.
Teach me the metric system!
Better yet, teach me the metric system, and then let's convert!
It would sure make being in every other country, 
besides Burma, Liberia, and America a whole lot easier. 

Just one more wish,
I wish the sun rising over the ocean would arouse me from my sleep every morning.


Carlita said...

your pictures and adventures sound so great!

and yes, i totally agree with the metric system conversion. our scooters are in kilometers, so i have to make sure i don't go over 60 kilometers b/c then i'm over 45 mph and i'm speeding... i think. it's all very complicated while trying to shift and what not.

your pictures of the beaches are making my mouth water. keep em coming!

brook said...

amy dear.
i have long wondered why america is so stupid and stubborn, but i've recently figured it out: if we changed to the metric system, the pure american sport of football would be way to confusing for those dumb jocks.

JD said...

just go ahead and march in with your list of demands, amy.

Colie said...

yay! I get to see what your view is now. Video chatting when it's midnight your time does not usually permit this! Oh man. Love it. Also, I totally agree about the metric system. It makes so much sense!