Monday, November 16

Never Make a Promise You Can't Keep

In my quest to be more frugal with my money,
I promised myself that this weeks lunch
Would consist of the cheapest item off of the menu.
I rushed over the the Embassy, starving, and ready to eat.
After glancing, double glancing, then staring at the menu,
I was no longer starving, or ready to eat,
But, a promise is a promise, even if it's only to myself.
So, I ordered the cheapest thing,
Thinking, maybe this time it will be better?
The first time I tried liver it was my cat's food.
Today, it was my lunch.
The verdict: I've tasted, I've tried, I've given it a fair chance,
And I never need to do it again.


Brittany said...

That's just disgusting.

Erin S said...

If the cheapest thing is liver, I think its okay to order somthing else....