Monday, January 25


Two weekends ago I was enjoying hanging out with this fine looking man:

This weekend I got to babysit this little guy,
Who can gladly fall asleep in my arms anytime he'd like:

This coming weekend I get to see him again.
4 more days to be exact.
Weekends never come fast enough, or last long enough either.

The following weekend will be spent fussing over him some more:

As luck would have it, the next weekend I'll be with him once again.

And to continue on with this lovely routine,
I'll spend the week after that babysitting him again for a few days.
I'm glad I have such an adorable distraction every other weekend:

Now the real question is, to keep this routine going,
Do we think I could convince him to come spend another weekend with me again...

... Before we head here for a week?

Whoever said dating long distance is hard, was sorely mistaken.
In fact, it kind of sucks, but at least we have good excuses to travel.
You can't go wrong there!
Thank goodness at least one of us has a full-time job.
I'll leave the books to him.

Looks like I have a new routine in place, and I think I'm ok with that.


Joy Candrian said...

Cute couple...adorable baby boy! Glad you can spend time with both.

Lauren Kay said...

You make me laugh.

Erin said...
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Rob said...

Smalls is starting to get jealous of JB.

JD said...

I'd say you have a good routine going. And glad you plan on keeping it up.

Brittany said...

I'm so glad you live close by--at least for another few months. I'm sure going to miss you and so is your cute nephew!

Emily said...

So happy to see that you have not one, but TWO adorable guys to hang out with every (other) weekend! I'm jealous of you world traveler!

Erin S said...

James is so cute! I would say your other "boy" is too, but I'm married, so that might be wierd...

Alicia said...

okay.... you two are so hot together !!! Hey, moving to SF wouldn't be so bad eh? LOVE U

David said...

Yea for babies and beautiful teeth!

Colie said...

Happy - that's you and that's me for you!