Wednesday, February 3

The Heart of Winter

Canceled flight, massive snow and ice storm, a rebooked flight not once, but twice, Will Rogers airport basically closed for two days, and a city nearly incapacitated by the weather, yet none of that was going to stop me from making it to Oklahoma City last weekend. So, to Oklahoma City I went, even if I had to endure a few slight hiccups along the way. I've adopted this motto from a friend of mine, "the more miserable, the more memorable," and memorable it was, thanks to the miserable weather that decided to throw a twist into my weekend.

In order to make my weekend possible, I flew into Dallas, where he was waiting for me.

After a night spent in Dallas, and a scrumptious brunch in the morning, we left just in time to make it safely back to Oklahoma City (we saw over 16 slide offs on the freeway), where we were nearly snowed in all weekend long. I welcome being forced to be lazy, miserable weather and all.


Although I've never been a fan of the cold, or snow for that matter, Phil says I have to endure 6 more weeks of this...

As long as winter promises to give me just one more snow day, I'll be ok with it.
Unfortunately, today was not one of those days.


Brittany said...

At least it's pretty to look at. That's all I have to say.

Lauren Kay said...

Pretty pictures! And I agree with Brittany, at least it's pretty.

Joy Candrian said...

Glad you were safe traveling in that kind of weather!

julz said...

Amy! Love your pics. Dallas-that is dedication! I think you've got a cute kid (I'm totally biased) wrapped around your finger. Also, hopefully you liked Oklahoma when you saw it- those are the prettiest pics I have ever seen of John's place. Sad, but true.