Friday, February 5

Partial is Better Than Nothing

Right now it looks like this outside:

Two days ago I asked for a snow day when it looked like this...


...But I didn't get it.
However, today, when it looks like this outside...

...I'm getting my snow day,
Kind of.
Go figure!

The east coast is funny that way.
Sometimes they just have to think a storm is coming
In order for them to grant us lovely privileges.
Lovely privileges like working from home.
And being dismissed four hours early.
All thanks to a nasty storm that is about to break out mid-morning today,
And last through tomorrow night.

So, when my boss tells the office to telecommute if possible today.
You better be sure I jumped all over that bandwagon.
You don't have to tell me twice to work from home,
In my bed, while still in my pj's.
A bit of responsibility mixed with laziness, now that's my kind of work.

So, for the last hour, I've been "working" from my bed.
I wish my bed could be my office every morning.
But alas, I'm only granted this privileged once in a blue moon...
Or once every day the east coast has to freak out that we're going to get
"Pounded" by a nasty snow storm.
Bring on the storm, bring on working from home,
Bring on a partial snow day, and work being done at 1!!!
Happy weekend to us all.


JessieDiRocks said...

Great day today!! :)

Brittany said...

Not fair. I'm glad "work" consists of blogging about work. :)

Colie said...

Amen to Brittany's comment.