Wednesday, February 10

Snow Day # 3.5

"Wimps" is how my Dad would like to reference us for not having gone to work since last Friday. I just laugh, because really, who would have ever thought the east coast would get slammed like this? As a native Utahan, and someone who has seen plenty of snow in my day, I've had one snow day in all my life, it was back in fourth grade, and we had to make it up over President's Day. But I remember wishing for something like this to happen. For it to snow so badly that I'd be trapped indoors for a week, but it never did, and remained only a wish. I guess it was a good thing, adding a week on to the end of school to make-up the snow days would have been miserable. However, the onset of a bad snowstorm never made us Utahan's worried, the way it worries Washingtonians. In all of my years of living in a nasty snowy climate, I never would have imagined those wished for snow days so many years ago, would actually happen when I'm a working woman. And the beauty of snow days at this stage in life, I don't have to make them up over holidays, or spring break. For one I don't even have a spring break (quite the unfortunate thing about having a job), and secondly, make-up snow days just don't exist in the working world, and that's a beautiful thing.

Since I've been "trapped" indoors since last Friday, I've had plenty of pondering time to myself. Most recently, I've been pondering this fact of reality, I'm an adult, and I need to start acting like I have adulthood status. I was reading this article in the Ensign the other day, and it was this phrase that got me thinking, "Because many see marriage as the primary marker of adulthood, single individuals can feel they lack the ability to graduate into full adult status." I laughed after reading that sentence, and quickly agreed that, as a single adult, I don't always feel like an adult, or act like one either. So, I decided to make a list of reasons why I'm an adult, aside from the age factor, which is unfortunately an automatic qualifier. Unfortunate because sometimes I just want to think I'm always going to be my Daddy's little girl, and never have to really grow up.

What other reasons qualify me as an adult?

  • I have a full-time job
  • I live away from home, and have for the last 6.5 years
  • I make my own money, and can choose to do what I want with it
  • I travel to Africa for work by myself in month long increments
  • I own couches (that's an adult thing to say, right?)
  • I bought my dream car
  • I signed up for an extra curricular college course, because I wanted to
  • I make my own doctor/dentist appointments
  • I can eat cake or brownies for breakfast if I want, and won't get into trouble
  • I drive myself to church, and go on my own without being hassled by parents (instead I have a sister to do that job)
  • I clean up after myself
  • I pay bills, lots of them
I'm sure there are a plethora of other things that hang over my head on a daily basis, reminding me that I'm actually an adult, who has responsibilities, and has to act adultish, but that will suffice for now. Listing anymore will only exhaust me on how demanding my life really is. From snow days, to making money, traveling to Africa for work, buying grandiose accessories, and living far away from home, it's a tough life I live!

From one adult to all of you, happy Wednesday.
If you're on the east coast, happy snow day...again!!!



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Joy Candrian said...

Interesting thoughts! I'm glad you pay your own bills...what about that cell phone?