Sunday, February 7

If You Wish Hard Enough...

...It just might come true.

I wished for a snow day last week.
At least one more before winter finally disappears for a few months,
And on Friday, I got a partial one,
Which I would have been content with.

But dump over two feet of snow on us in 24 hours this weekend,
And a true snow day and work being cancelled tomorrow
Would be last weeks wish come true.

Getting paid to be a bum is quite
Undoubtedly the greatest arrangement one could ever ask for.


Even though the sun was out shining today,
Already melting the blizzard away,
Washingtonians think the east coast needs to be shut down for just one more day.
And to that I say, THANK YOU!

I won't push my luck thinking work will be cancelled
Three days in a row,
But we are expecting another snow storm on Tuesday and Wednesday.
You can be sure if that were to happen,
I'd have permagrin on my face all week long.

Church was cancelled today due to the blizzard,
So we went 19th century style
And had sacrament meeting at someone's house,
Walking through the madness to get there.
I don't love snow, or cold weather for that matter,
But walking through February's winter wonderland
Was simply fabulous.

Happy Snow day!

{thanks for some of the pictures, Lauren}

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Sacrament meeting 18th century style, huh? I am pretty sure the church wasn't even established then (the 1700s), but that's okay. :)

I'm super jealous your work was cancelled and super jealous that it might be again later this week. Why can't Richmond have that luck?