Monday, March 22

From Sea to Shining Sea

From the east side to the west, I've got it covered. California one day, running a half marathon in DC the next...let's just say I waste no time sitting idly by. Ok, not true in the slightest, but it's fun to pretend that I don't have a lazy bone in me.

The West side:

San Francisco twice
Eating loaves of sourdough bread
Burgers a Red's Java House, the best burgers in the city!
Lunch at The Spinnaker...delish!
Ghirardelli Square, a chocolate lovers heaven
Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge
Visits to Sacramento and Oakland Temple
Picnic at the lake
Runs along the river
Sleeping in
Delicious home cooked meals
Late night walks
Sunny warm weather
Spending time with a certain someone
Four solid days of NO work

There's nothing quite as exhilarating as a vacation, I already knew would be great, turning out to be even better than expected. And that's exactly how last weeks trip to that golden state turned out to be. Why is it that life just seems better when I'm in California?

And the East Side:

A brutal 13.1 mile run with my dear old Dad
(Who beat me by 7 minutes...what did I expect?!)

Even if he always beats me at any race we do together, it's special daddy daughter bonding time nonetheless, and I love that it's our thing to do. Thanks for coming out to run with me Dad, I sure love you! And Lisa, thanks for training with me!


Lauren Kay said...

Cute pics. You could use that last one of you and John as an engagement... (If you were into multiple pictures that is...) :)

Joy said...

So glad your Dad can still run with you! Love the west coast pictures.

Rob said...

If you did use that picture, it would look surprisingly similar to the ones Lorena and I had :)

Stephy said...

Go Amy! I'm proud of you! Want to run the 1/2 here?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Amy! Cute pics. How many of them were taken by chad??

Carlita said...

what a life :)

sounds awesome all around (except for that run... not sounding awesome right now.)

Lindsay said...

So cute and congrats on completing the race!!! Hope your knees feel normal soon!!

Colie said...

I hope when people are talking about your engagement picture they are referring to the dessert shot where John looks like he just ate a Warhead or something!
Love your traveling bones.