Monday, March 29

Here's to a Great Week

I don’t know why I have particular moments in life when I tend to make it hard for myself to be happy. But I have them, probably more of them than I should. I complain, mope around, throw myself pity parties, and think the world is out to get me. No matter how great my life is, I seem to be fully capable of finding something minuscule to get in the way of my happiness. The grass is obviously greener on the other side, right? Well, of course it is, if I don’t want to wake up and face reality. But reality is reality, and there’s no escaping that fact. And reality is this, life is beautiful. No matter if I have a bad day, an off day, a rainy day, a day where I mess up and make mistakes, a day where I say things that I instantly regret, a day that is simply too overwhelming, a day where I just don’t have a brain, or just the opposite, and a day where I think WAY too much. Life is still beautiful, and meaningful, and purposeful, and worth being happy for, no matter what.

This morning I woke up happy—as happy as I can be after waking up—because this is going to be a good week, and here’s why:

1. My travel writing class (yes, the same one that I was REALLY excited for) is finally going to be OVER!!!
2. John comes out to visit
3. General Conference begins this weekend
4. Cherry blossoms are supposed to be at their peak of blooming
5. Easter is on Sunday
6. It’s going to get into the 80’s multiple times
7. Hopefully on Friday the doctor’s will FINALLY have some answers for me and my awesome health
8. Baseball season starts
9. Another four day work week for me!
10. And did I mention he’s coming out to see me?

Not that I have to have a list of things to look forward to in order to make me happy, happiness is a choice, and I can choose to be happy even if thing's aren't always awesome in life. But lists sometimes help, and this week, I like what's going on. So, here's to a good week, a week full of sunshine, nice weather, and a handsome boy coming to visit me.


DR and Brynna said...

I need to meet this boy. This must be serious! You're with him way to much for this NOT to be serious. Love the picture, So cute. I'm glad you're happy.

Joy said...

Plus by tomorrow, you'll have a package that hopefully will arrive by more reason to be happy! A PACKAGE PACKED WITH LOVE FROM YOUR PARENTS.

JessieDiRocks said...

YAY for tomorrow being the last day of class! We made it! And I am so grateful you didn't leave me by myself these for the last two classes.

Colie said...

Love the list! #10 is my favorite