Sunday, May 30

Another goodbye

I may have been in a long distance relationship for the last six months,
But I was spoiled in my long distance relationship,
Because I still saw him every two weeks.

And now, after spending a little over a month together,
It's back to long distance again.
This time, I won't see him for an entire month.
Aw, poor Amy, I know, it's a rough life.
But hey, I'm feeling sorry for myself,
Because life's just not as fun when he's not around.


Lauren Kay said...

I was talking to my friend Sam Waters from Richmond, I think you know him, or at least met him, at Duck this weekend and he's mission friends with John! I gave him the whole scoop on the looooooove connection.

Hope you can handle this month without him! It's going to be the worst month of your life I'm sure. Poor, poor Amy!

Carlita said...

yea... there is this possible impending doom of 5 months apart for us, and it doesn't sound like fun.

so i am choosing to feel sad for you on 1 month. i don't know how army-wives do it, they must have much stronger hearts than us!

however, i am very excited about this marriage of yours, so let's just stay on that positive note!

Colie said...

Oh Okie ... how we miss you!