Tuesday, May 25

To-do Lists

What happened to the days of
Scrunchies and jelly shoes?
Recess and nap time?
Smurfs and My Little Pony?
Four square and double dutch?

What happened to the days of being a kid, where I never had a to-do list?

Now it's,
Working (or the lack thereof) to pay the bills,
And acting responsible towards life's responsibilities.
All things that aren't necessarily bad things,
Just different things than in my younger years.
And I have a feeling I'm just beginning to know what true responsibility really entails.

Despite the reality that some things in our adult life aren't always fun,
And being a kid generally was always fun,
Yesterday, I think John and I figured out the best of both worlds.
Mixing a little bit of responsibility with a little bit of play.

Our agenda/"to-do" list, consisted of the following:
Mattress shopping (oh boy)
Dropping John's car off to remove the HUGE screw that was stuck in his tire,
Sam's Club membership (sadly, they don't have Costco here, and there IS a difference),
Bought John a new suit for the wedding,
AND new shoes,
And I may be biased, but he looks REALLY good in it!
Massages by people who don't speak english (Ah-mazing),
Getting kicked out of tennis courts,
Then driving aimlessly for over an hour trying to find legit courts to play on
Before we could FINALLY play a few games of tennis,
Picked up John's car,
And then, if all of that wasn't enough, we ended the day by buying a new house...
Well, almost...
At least we FINALLY got a house under contract.
And when I say it's new, I only mean it's new to us,
Because it was built in 1925,
But it's a rather adorable old, vintage, renovated little house.
And I can't wait!
(praying everything moves along smoothly now)

I may not have recess or playing double dutch in the middle of my day to look forward to anymore,
But I guess "to-do" lists can always have a little bit of fun incorporated into them.


AJ Candrian said...

Feel free to let me know at any time when you purchase a house. I know I don't live in the same state as you anymore... but seriously... you bought a house and I first hear about it on your blog?!

Colie said...

I'm with you Andrea. Can we get some photos of the house or something?