Friday, August 19

Day 5

Wear a belt.
I think I wear belts too much sometimes, but only because a belt can always add that missing touch to an outfit, and I like adding missing touches.

Here's the look:

After yesterday's ensemble, I felt the need to be a little plain jane today.

I can't say that's my favorite belt I own, but when I tell you it only cost me $.50, I become a little more fond of it. Another thrift shopping sucess. Thrift stores really are the best place to find fun, unique, and cheap belts. In fact, I'm off to the thrift store right now to see if I can't score anymore good deals. I love turning others trash into my treasures!

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Happy Friday!


Eric & Hilary Rose said...

i love the pop of yellow, it is so bright and happy with the neutrals. I really like your belt too!

Kayla said...

I love plain Jane days. Simplicity is my favorite. That pop of yellow is perfect!

Freckles in April

overcaffeinated said...

Haha, I feel like a plain Jane too after yesterday's technicolours. Love the pop of yellow against the neutral outfit.

becoming teacher misty said...

Plain Jane is how I went too, after those bright blocks of color. Love those shoes. Anything but plain. :)

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is adorable! Accessories really can take a plain outfit to super chic. Great choice of shoes. Hope you found some awesome thrifted treasures. I love thrifting!!!