Saturday, August 20

Day 6

Get creative, wear an item in an unexpected way.

Remember this post? The one where I mentioned I got hit on at the golf course with my hubby?

Well, here is the look that got me quite the compliment:

Yes, I wore that belt two days in a row. Like I said, sometimes an outfit just needs a little sumpin' sumpin'. And a lot of the time sometimes I wear the same thing multiple days in a row, as if I have nothing else to wear but what I wore the day before. Funny how that works.

So, what am I wearing in an unexpected way? Two dresses as one.
I turned the white dress into a skirt, and the blue dress into a shirt.

So creative.

Not! I steal all my ideas.

The best part of this outfit wasn't getting hit on and making my husband jealous, that was just the funny part, but rather knowing that if I got hot, I could just rip that white skirt/dress right off and I'd be left in nothing but a knee length. Would I actually do that in public? No. But the hubby might like it behind closed doors. Not that I'd know or anything...


Kayla said...

You really do look fantastic. I'd totally hit on you.

Freckles in April

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

The dresses look awesome! I was trying to guess what was the creative part and I couldn't even tell until I read what you'd done. Great job!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together

allie said...

I really love this look! Never would have guessed it was two dresses. Not surprising you got hit on at all!

AJ Candrian said...

Oh gosh.

Anonymous said...

Ha this entire post cracked me up, "not that I'd know or anything". Your outfit turned out great, and I definitely would not have noticed that you were wearing 2 dresses!