Sunday, August 21

Day 7

Layer accessories

Here's the look:

Pants: H&M, Top: JCrew, Bracelets: H&M and Sno of Sweden, Belt: Target, Headband: Belt, thrifted, Bag: DSW
The past few days have been fabulous, the hubs and I have been on vacation and I'm sad to head back to reality. Sleeping in, good food, being with family and friends, perfect weather, perfect scenery, a near perfect vacation. Although, we could have done without the sketchiness that is Baltimore and the five hour commute, (that should have been two), from Philly to DC. And sadly, it all ends today. Please don't make me go home just yet, I'm not ready to leave.

It really was a practically perfect, in every way, vacation. So long east coast. We'll be back soon.

Don't forget, today is the last day submit your guess for the giveaway. Ends at midnight CST.


Cynthia Lovell said...

I really like this outfit! Very Classy! Wish I knew how to accessorize! I LOVED being in DC & PA with you!!! It was so much fun!!! Have a GREAT Day and let us know where you've been eating since coming back to DC. Any recommendations??

Ally said...

Such a cute outfit! I love the classic look and feel of it! The boyfriend and I are headed to DC and Baltimore this week. Any recommendations?

Brittany said...

All I have to say is that it's not fair that you are so dang cute.

Some day when we have money, you can be my wardrobe/fashion director, okay?

Kassie said...

Cute outfit! Love the layering and of course your striped tee!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

stripes plus pearls are a great combo!

I'm on vacation now too and I think there's just nothing like it.