Friday, September 30

Thoughts on sharing a birthday

I put this on my other blog today, but I figured birthday's only come around once a year, so why not really shout it to the whole world that today's mine AND my hubby's birthday.

Whenever I tell people that John and I have the same birthday, people typically think it's cool for all of 2 seconds before they start feeling bad that we have to share our day. It's bizarre to me why people would feel bad about this. I mean, I guess I get it, but still, sharing your birthday with your husband is awesome, not terrible. It's like a double holiday for us, and we both get to feel "important" for 24 hours together. I kind of love it. And it's kind of awesome.

Our favorite thing to do is pretend we're being overly nice to each other by doing overly nice things for each other by saying, "ok, but only because it's your birthday." Yeah, we think we're kind of funny that way.

To make sharing our birthday's even better, we've actually contemplated having all of our children born on September 30th, too. We'll let you know how that goes...

Oh, and if you were looking for  a good workout this weekend, just go run a few miles (at least 3, ok?) for me outside, if you weather is anything like here, it's PERFECT fall running weather. That can be your birthday gift to me!

Happy Friday!


Erica said...

Wow, I know a few other bloggers whose birthday is today, and mine is tomorrow. Weird! And that's funny y'all have the same birthday because my husband and I always joke about "our birthday" and that WE get presents on OUR birthday, even though they are different days. I guess it wouldn't be a joke for you though!

North Meets South

Cynthia Lovell said...

You make a DARLING Couple!!! Happy Birthdays a couple of weeks late! I'm sure you understand!