Thursday, September 15

Thursday Wish List

This is definitely a wish list outfit, seeing that the shoes along cost around oh, $1,130. I think this is an outfit that could be easily recreated out of your own closet though. Perhaps next week, when I start wearing more than just pj's all day long, I'll try it out. 

And this is why I shouldn't work from home, I find no motivation to get ready for the day. My poor husband.


Ali said...

I love the stripes on the shirt! And yeah, those shoes are killer, but not for a THOUSAND dollars. Eesh.

It's hard to get dressed when you don't have anywhere to go, isn't it?

Brittany said...

My feet hurt just looking at those shoes. Yikes! The rest of the outfit is cute though.

Stesha said...

the have a scarf just like that at forever 21 online and its like 6 dollars :)

I love your blog. Your adorable. now following!

Classic & Bubbly

JazznJenna said...

Love it. My favorite part though would be to have the hips to fit into those adorable jeans.