Monday, September 26

Weekend date

Saturday afternoon my hubby took me on a date to the state fair, where classy people watching and fried food are aplenty. I'm not sure if it's the food, or knowing that the finer people of the state will be out in full force that is more appealing about the fair, but either way, it's always a good time.

My heart was set on the ferris wheel, while hubby's was set on a fried twinkie. Being the mean wife I am, I merely mentioned he needed to take a good look around him before he decided he truly wanted to waste spend $6 on a heart attack. Thank goodness that was said after our ferris wheel ride. Apparently that comment was enough to crushed his fair dreams that day. And here I was thinking I was doing him a favor. Thank goodness there's always next year, right?

What did you do this weekend? Did anyone try running stadiums? I hope you're still sore if you did!

Someone asked me how long I usually run stadiums for? I'd say I typically spend between 30-40 minutes running a few sets from start to finish. The stairs I run are SUPER steep, so I only do two sets and it still takes me that long, but I think it's safe to say these stairs equate to double the length of a normal stadium. I hope that helps.


Lindsay said...

Great picture of you two!!! Wish we could come out this weekend! But babies have a tendency to change the best plans.

Lindsay said...

Sorry, Lindsay forgets to sign out, so that was Me--Mother/Cyn

JazznJenna said...

What did we do this weekend? We went to Audrey's baptism!

Thanks for answering my stadium question--you are a woman of steel, I tell you. I wonder if I could do it for 10 minutes. 15? I'm determined to give it a try when I find a stadium at my disposal : ).

Cute fair pics! I doubt John would have had any trouble burning off a fried twinkie, with his metabolism... Me on the other hand, I'd gain 3 lbs just smelling one.