Sunday, July 13

Sorry, wrong number

Naturally I don't get embarrassed too easily. Naturally. Until I call someone who is on his honeymoon. Naturally that's a good time to be embarrassed. Not only is that awkward, but really embarrassing.To make the situation even better, not only is this guy on his honeymoon, he's on his honeymoon with the lady I work with. Shouldn't cell phones be turned off on a honeymoon?

(for the record, and so I don't appear creepy that I called a married man...the phone call was strictly business related courtesy of the ADA)


Joshua & Joy said...

Ha Ha...what are you doing calling a married man? I guess you didn't get invited to the wedding.

Brittany said...

Don't hate me for editing your blog, but I can't help it. It should read "Naturally, I don't get embarassed TOO easily." That's all I have to say. I love you though.